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Types of Fashion Styles, which one defines you!?

What is your fashion style?! If you’re not already a fashion maven, then that is one of the first questions you should be asking yourself to further explore your style.

Here is your ultimate list of types of fashion styles to help you begin to narrow your focus.  I will say, in todays society it is not necessary to pick just one* fashion style. The more you hone what you like, the more fluid your style can be.

How do I find my fashion style?

When you are just starting out with developing your style, it can help to strategically go through fashion phases (like a less aggressive version of your angsty teen years).  So i suggest going through this list and writing down any fashion styles that pique your curiosity.
From there, evaluate your wardrobe and see what fashion style you can start with. I do not recommend going out and buying a whole new wardrobe just to try a new style.  If you want to try a style that you don’t have anything close to, start by asking yourself why you have never bought anything for that specific aesthetic style.

If the answer to that question is you were intimidated to try it, start by borrowing or buying one item that fits that fashion style.  Slowly integrate it into your wardrobe and gradually shift more towards that style if you enjoy it and feel like it works for you.
If the style itself doesn’t work for your daily work/life balance you will need to consider how much of your wardrobe you are willing to dedicate to that specific style.
For instance, if you work at a business casual office but identify as a gothic Lolita, you may have to make some compromises and develop two wardrobes/fashion styles.  One that works for your office (that has small hints to your personal style) and a wardrobe dedicated to your free time.  In the previous example, the person could wear business casual clothes but keep the tones dark, and add a few more gothic-style pieces of jewelry.  And on the weekends, they could fully embrace their fashion style.

How many types of fashion styles are there?

Fashion styles seem to continue to grow and evolve.  Currently, this ultimate list of fashion styles has over 40 options to choose from.  However, if we were going to break them down even further or add some micro-fashion styles in there, it would easily be over 100.

NYC style

Maybe it’s just because I live in NYC, but NYC style deserves its own category.  This is a distinctly metropolitan style, that integrates trends but simultaneously requires functionality.  NYC style skews to darker shades (New York City is dirty ;)) and because it is such a walking-heavy city it requires shoes that can handle running to the train or walking a few miles a day.

If you want to achieve this style, I would definitely follow my blog as I frequently talk about fashion trends that are popular in NYC.  I have a post on some NYC outfits that I’ve seen everywhere lately.

For this fashion style think sleek, trendy, but also not too fussy.

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Vintage Lover

The vintage lover fashion aesthetic is technically different than the retro fashion lover.  The vintage lover buys mostly second-hand vintage pieces but pairs them in a modern way.

They are not trying to recreate a look from a 50’s housewife or the disco era. Rather they take a great vintage dress and pair it with modern tennis shoes.  Or they opt for a pair of 70’s flares and pair them with a modern crop top.

This style is incredibly flexible and is a great place to start if you love sustainable fashion options or like to make pieces your own.

Retro Fashion

Retro fashion is all about paying homage to women’s fashion styles of the past. Usually, people who pick this fashion style opt for a single decade to emulate.

For instance, one could opt for a 60’s style woman and fall under the retro fashion style. This would be a fashion style composed of micro-shift dresses, mod dresses, and bold prints.

Once you land on a decade that interests you most you can look at the different styles within that decade to play with. For instance, with 60’s fashion, you could try Beatnik, hippie, or mod styles.  After a bit of exploration, you will undoubtedly find which specific style speaks to you and can develop that more fully.


The minimalist fashion style is simple and elegant.  The color palette often stays neutral and only introduces low saturation colors into the mix sparingly.

Minimalism fashion is all about well-fitting, perfectly cut pieces.  A capsule wardrobe of high-quality pieces that are easily mixed together helps achieve this fashion style.

Prints and embellishments do not work well with this style.


A fashionista is a person who is not afraid to try new trends and push the fashion boundaries.  Expect their style to change every season with the latest and greatest trend predictions.

They usually encompass many fashion styles based on what is trending and feel comfortable wearing over-the-top statement pieces or more “risky” fashion trends.

You have to love changing your look, keeping up with fashion trends, and having a flexible closet to embrace this fashion style.  I would also suggest having confidence is a must, as not everyone will love every look you rock.

Boho / Bohemian Chic

The boho fashion style has strong roots in 70’s fashion.  Long, tousled hair with free-flowing fabrics and colorful prints encompass this style.  However, take those pieces and make them modern for the boho fashion style.

Handcrafted jewelry and natural elements (like turquoise/stones) are also a signature of this style.  If you want to try the boho look, I would start by embracing flowy, printed maxi dresses with your hair down.

It is a relaxed style that is free-spirited and not overly fussy in any sense.

Resort Style

For the resort-style, you want to think about a luxury (yet relaxed) vacation.  This would be composed of items like easy maxi dresses, well-fitted tees with modern Bermuda shorts that create a polished easiness.

For this look you want your overall vibe to look effortless. This can be accomplished by “finishing your outfit”.  So wear that maxi dress but make sure your hair is done neatly and you have a chic pair of sunglasses with you.

Camp style

Camp is an over-the-top fashion statement that usually involves some irony.  It may also submerse modern interpretations of culture.  The Met Gala was dedicated to camp fashion, and you can read more about its important role in culture and the art exhibit, here.

This style can sometimes be slightly cheesy, and definitely always makes a statement/impression.  If you want to get started with camp fashion, try integrating some Moschino or  Thierry Mugler clothes into your wardrobe.

Artsy Style

Artistic style can have two separate subsets.  First, we have the quintessential art teacher uniform with quirky patterns, an array of colors (saturated and muted tones), and looser silhouettes.

Then we have the actual artist who has a simple style that works for the creation journey.

Both artistic styles focus on a comfortable aspect that allows them to create and has notes of self-expression through their style.

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