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Why are Dubai properties so attractive?

High Rental Yields
The high rental yields in Dubai are an important reason for the popularity of real estate. Property owners can expect a return of 8-13% per year, making them an excellent investment opportunity for landlords!
There is no price bubble in the
real estate market
Dubai has long been a popular destination for those looking to escape high property prices elsewhere. The thriving city still offers plenty of options and affordable homes, making it one of the few major cities in the world where real estate still has a fair price.
Value for money is excellent
Property prices in Dubai are unbeatable. The value for money is fair and reasonable, which makes it a great place for people looking for both economic opportunities and luxury amenities without breaking their bank account or spending too much money on unnecessary things.
Rental income is not taxed
Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) is an international financial center based in the United Arab Emirates. The city does not levy taxes on income, capital gains or rental income for individuals and businesses wishing to settle there!
A currency that is safe and stable
The United Arab Emirates is one of the most stable countries in the world with its currency dirham (AED), and its currency has been pegged to the American currency since the late 1980s. This makes it a stable and trustworthy investment for buyers who want to invest their money there in the form of real estate!
Plans that make it easy for customers to pay
Unscheduled projects are a great way to get into house building. You can make an offer for your dream home and pay 10%, with the balance due only after completion of the construction work! The developers pay the interest for this period. During this time you can already live in your property or rent it out, and it will also be paid over a period of 1-3 years after completion at no extra cost!
Rapid population growth
Dubai's population is expected to grow by 2021.2030% per year between 1 and 4, an increase of 45,000 inhabitants per year. The rapid pace at which Dubai's citizens are welcoming new members will continue beyond that, as more people come to this friendly country every month than ever before!
A strategic location
Dubai is a global transport hub from which the world's major cities are served. In just 4 hours you can reach 1/3 of humanity and in 8 hours the other 2/3 of humanity!
Great real estate listings
Dubai is a city of unlimited opportunities and there is no better place to invest in real estate. From homes in green oases to luxurious penthouses that offer stunning views of Dubai's stunning skyline, you can find your perfect investment property here!
Business-friendly and future-proof
The thriving metropolis of Dubai is an exciting and ever-changing city that offers the best opportunities for business growth. With its cutting-edge technology, booming economy and diverse culture, this futuristic city will keep you safe in the future!
English is the language of daily communication
The city of Dubai is a very international place where people from more than 200 nations live and work. The percentage split between foreigners speaking English as a first or second language (85%) and native speakers is evident in all sectors of society.
It is one of the safest cities in the world
Dubai is a city known for its safety. Dubai residents take great pride in being one of the safest cities in the world, and it shows in everything they do – from bustling markets to beautiful beaches covered in sand sculptures every day!
Visa obtaining by purchasing real estate
The best way to enjoy life in Dubai is to buy a property. The visa can be applied for according to the purchase price and includes spouse or children if you have any! If you buy several properties together, the prices are added up - this makes this idea even better than expected!
Amazingly high quality of life
Dubai is a city with endless sunshine and 360 days of sunshine a year. In the European winter, when temperatures are around 0°C, Dubai is one of the most pleasant places in the United Arab Emirates! In addition, you will find countless good restaurants and shopping opportunities here - whether you are interested in culture or just want to take a break from work!
Cosmopolitan and modern
Dubai, with its modern cosmopolitan culture, is a city of the future. It is home to 200 nationalities, all living in harmony and peace and practicing their respective religions freely - there are mosques as well as Hindu temples or churches here!
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Frequently asked questions about Dubai real estate

Yes! Real estate can be purchased by foreigners as long as it is located in the so-called "Freehold Zones" which include the following areas: Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, The Palm Jumeirah, Arabian Ranches and Business Bay.
Any natural person can purchase real estate, regardless of their nationality. However, real estate is not accessible to companies based abroad. Legal entities registered in the country can acquire them at will.

As a buyer or investor, it is important to use an experienced broker who is familiar with local laws and customs. He will be able to attend to all your needs without any difficulties, both in terms of the distance between you and the property itself - no matter where it is! 
With us you have a safe service provider for all your real estate needs in Dubai at your side!

Yes, as soon as you sign the sale and purchase agreement, you can sell it to another buyer and transfer the payment plan.

No, all paperwork and money transfer can be done from outside the country, moreover we can schedule a video call with one of our agents who will give you a clear understanding of the project without you being here on site.

You won’t lose your property, but you will be required to make the payment as soon as possible. We can discuss a payment timeline that works for you in that situation.

We accept all types of payments including bank transfers, Credit card, cryptocurrency, and cash.

It depends on the developer and the type of property you’re interested in.


Property brand founded by power Salu Empire made its debut in Dubai

Property brand founded by power Salu Empire made its debut in Dubai

DUBAI, UAE - A new real estate brand debuted in Dubai today, Tuesday, 17 January 2023, amid projections of continuous property industry growth buoyed by rising market investments, strong local tourism recovery and the increasing number of people relocating to the cosmopolitan city.
Property brand founded by power Salu Empire made its debut in Dubai

Property brand founded by power Salu Empire made its debut in Dubai

DREC was launched as Dubai’s real estate sector is expected to witness more growth this year, building on its strong performance in late 2022. Dubai market reached a 12-year high in the third quarter of last year in terms of volume and value of purchased off-plan and secondary properties.

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