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5 Top Fashion Trends That You Should Know

Fashion is a booming business and what people wear depicts their lifestyles. Some people go for comfort while others prefer to make a style statement with the clothes they wear. Whatever your preference is, you should know what’s going on in the fashion world before wearing anything that makes you look out of date.

We all want to look good, and the secret to looking stylish is to keep up with fashion trends. The world’s top designers and models know that their looks are everything and always consider the latest trends regarding what they wear. What should you do? Well, read on for 5 of the top fashion trends that you should know.

1. The Suit Look

The suit look has been around for hundreds of years, but it has recently increased popularity due to celebrities dressing up in this fashion on the red carpet. It is simple yet elegant, making it ideal for both formal and informal wear. Today’s suiting styles are more fitted upfront with tapered-down sides that help accentuate your curves while slowly breaking away into a wide bottom half which becomes wider towards the end, creating a slender effect. This style works for all body types and can be worn during any season by playing with color, fabric weight, and even adding some pattern!

2. Tie-dye

Tie-dye was once banned because of its association with hippies back in the 60s. Today, it has been transfigured into a beautiful woven pattern on tops and dresses that contrasts with the bright color of the fabric below. While this look is not usually considered office-appropriate, more and more companies are allowing their employees to express themselves through fashion which is why you’ll see many people of all ages rock tie-dye at work or during formal events.

3. The One Shoulder Trend

A few years before this trend came from the red carpet, it quickly became an everyday outfit favorite for most women because it highlights your best physical attribute: Your shoulders! Not only does this look show off your toned arms, but it also adds a certain sexiness to any dress, top, or jumpsuit that you pair it with. To get in on this look, pair a strapless dress or top with skirts that fall high above the knee or right below it. While the shoulders are typically left bare in most cases, you can always add some jewelry to spice up things.

4. The Cuffed Pants Look

Pants have been around for centuries, but only recently have women started cinching them at the ankle or calf with fabric bands, causing them to break away from their usual straight-legged position. This style is ideal when paired with flats, boots, and heels because it instantly slims you down while elongating your legs. Make sure to wear fitted shirts with these pants to create an hourglass effect that will help compliment your feminine curves.

5. T-shirt and Jeans

Is there anyone on this planet who doesn’t own at least one T-shirt and jeans combo? This look is an absolute classic that can be worn on any day of the week. The key to rocking this look is making sure that your T-shirt fits perfectly without being too tight or exposing your midsection, while your jeans should hug your curves just right. And if you want to add some funky look, you can try Dilly Clothing. It will give a fabulous look to your style. If you’re not a fan of skinny jeans, opt for flares instead because they have pretty much become vintage thanks to celebrities like Kendall Jenner bringing it back into the spotlight.

Wrapping Up!

Knowing these five trends will help ensure that you are ready for anything life throws at you. From office meetings to casual brunches with friends, these looks are flattering enough to get you through any event without having to worry about your fashion sense. Don’t be afraid to experiment with these outfits either because you never know, and it may just turn out the best look you’ve ever rocked.

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